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Cervical Orthopaedic Water Pillow


Cervical Orthopaedic Water Pillow

In a study on adults with chronic neck pain conducted at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, it was found that water pillow usage was associated with increased pain relief and improved quality of sleep


- Cervical Pain: A Comparison of Three Pillows, Lavin RA. Research conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (February 1997).


Water based pillows provide additional advantages over conventional pillows or special orthopedic pillows as they allow for a more specific and personalized support system. As ever person’s neck and body form is different a typical orthopedic pillow or general customary pillow is made in one form for the general population. A water based pillow allows for the support of an orthopedic pillow with individual and personal customizing due to the water based components.


Benefits of Water Pillow:


- A comfortable pillow that supports the Cervical spine ideally.


- Clinically proven to naturally support the normal contours of the cervical spine while helping to relieve neck pain caused by arthritis, stress, car accidents or injuries.


- The water pillow is surrounded by an extra soft layer which adapts to different anatomical shapes and sizes.


- Uses ordinary tap water - Instantly responds to changes in sleeping position.


- Research reveals that 90% of the subjects tested, said they would continue to use water pillows over general orthopedic and customary pillows.

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